Monday, 3 September 2007

Referendum News

Why is it thought that having a fresh election on a new manifesto which does NOT promise a referendum on the Constitutional Treaty Mark II will absolve the Labour Party from having a Referendum upon it?

The facts remain the same: the Treaty is, but for some cosmetic changes, the same Constitution (indeed in some respects it strengthens the EU as against the Nation State Members) that was rejected by the French and the Dutch and would have been resoundingly rejected by the British people as well. The effects of this treaty remain, in essence, the same. It represents a huge transfer of sovereign power away from the United Kingdom to unelected EuroCrats in Brussels and to foreign politicians, not all of whom love us. If it is thought that changing the terms of the Labour manifesto changes the need for a referendum then that is simply one more example of The Town Rat Catcher (so called because that is the highest elected position to which Gordon Brown may aspire after the Treaty comes into force) being dishonourable and dishonest in his dealings with the independence of our nation. Would that a political party would come along that offered to put him and his Junta on trial for their Quisling behaviour!

So changing the terms of the manifesto will not alter the terms of the debate about a Referendum at all, simply drive the Labour party into an even more unprincipled position than it is at present. What a shabby dishonest party they are that they play party politics with the Independence of our country.

The difficulty of The Town Rat Catcher’s position is emphasized by the entry into the lists of one Keith Vaz, disgraced former Minister for Europe, who, despite a rampant case of the EuroPox (so serious that he is forever to be found in deep osculation of the EU’s nether parts) is calling not just for a referendum on the Treaty but on the wider question of our very membership of the EU. Chance would be a fine thing: he should be careful for what he wishes as I reckon that we stand a fine chance of getting the 51% we would need to be rid of the whole clapped-out enterprise.

Meanwhile the LibDems under ZimmerMan sit there squirming with embarrassment at the honing of their anti-British and anti-democratic credentials by the elderly gent they have as leader waffling on about seeing what the final text of the Treaty will be before deciding finally whether to support a referendum. Does the Old Buffer really think there is going to be so radical a change in the text that it goes from being the same as the Constitutional Treaty Mark I to a toothless little thing which does nothing? Talk about a LibDem Νεφελοκοκκυγία of eternal nut cutlets and sandals!

With a certain amount of nervousness about a snap election being called, the EU Referendum is looming large on everyone’s plates at the moment. Given the Town Rat Catcher’s little local difficulty with his own party being split from top to toe on the issue of Europe, this may yet derail his decision to cut and run before the economy goes sour on him.

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